Saturday, January 29, 2011

Am I getting old or did three months just come and go?

Wow, I am appaled and embarrassed that I have not written in three months!! Life is definitly a blur after Halloween. The holidays were wonderful and very hectic. Even though I gave being organized and stress free my best effort! So, now it's almost February and a new year is in full swing. I am going to attempt to launch a wheat and gluten free baking business and aim it toward the restaurants in town. It is Saturday afternoon and time for a cup of tea. I have to come up with a new Recipe of The Week in the next day or so and I think it will be a veggie side dish. Something in the comfort food family as rain is coming in, yea! The sunny weather has been nice, but I'm still in winter mode and definitly not ready for spring just yet. Ok, I think I'm rambling a bit, so I will sign off now and hopefully have something clever and articulate to say in the near future :)

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