Friday, September 23, 2011

I am sooo ready for fall

I look at the Weather Channal for my area every day now hoping for a dramatic change from the high 90's, but no such luck! Does this mean I should just stop looking at the weather forecast as it is a constant source of dissapointment or break out my rain dance gear? I'm thinking beaded moccasins and some feathers. When I was about ten years old our family went on a camping trip to Sequoia. There were a bunch of us kids and of course we had a blast playing in the stream and making up all kinds of games. I decided to use my dads pen knife to carve lightining bolts into a long stick as we were pretending we were an indian tribe. Every afternoon around three storm clouds would gather and it would rain, I loved it! I decided to put my thunder and lightning stick to the test and pounded it down on the shore of the stream. Boom, thunder sounded above us and we all screamed and ran for the safety of our camp site. Everyone was giggleing and out of breath as we huddled together in one of the tents and watched the rain come down. The second time it happened everyone laughed and yelled "run"! I loved this game and would pound that stick on the ground every afternoon and yes, there would be loud thunder and brillant lightning. My dad still talks about that camp trip and my crudly carved stick. Somehow my thunder stick didn't make it home from Sequoia...dang it I could sure use it now!

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